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Introducing scoreOS - your multisport custom scoring system!
scoreOS video scoreboards

Introducing scoreOS

Affordable & highly customizable video scoreboards - starting at only $499!

Fully Customizable
Full control over scoreboard colors (either by preset or choose your own), number styles and team captions!
Convenient, Easy Control
Control your scoreboard with a direct, discrete wifi connection from your smartphone, tablet or laptop PC!
Three Sports, One Board
Select between basketball, volleyball and wrestling in seconds from your wifi-connected control!

scoreOS Models

At launch, we have two scoreOS models to choose from:
a handy portable tabletop model and a much larger wall-mount design.

  • 2'3" x 1'5" x 1'5"
  • Portable Tabletop
  • Plastic Case
  • 5'5" x 4' x 6"
  • Permanent Wall-Mount
  • Metal Case

Three Sports, One Device

Switch between sport-specific scoring for basketball, volleyball and wrestling easily and conveniently from your own WiFi-enabled phone, tablet or PC!

Convenient & Easy to Control

Precision Clock
Start and stop the clock & add or subtract time as necessary!
Scoring Control
A comprehensive range of scoring control, right at your fingertips! Add (or even subtract) points in all of the sport-appropriate intervals!
Control your scoreOS scoreboard with any iPhone, Android phone, tablet or even PC - all you need is WiFi capability!
Full Control
From advanced scoring functions to scoreboard colors and customizable team names, everything you need is at your fingertips!

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